September 12, 2017: Fr. Michael Brady, Daniel Menezes, Jessica Jordan

Fr. Michael Brady: Fr. Michael who was ordained in 2000 as a Diocesan Priest, was assigned by Bishop Stephen Blaire to Central Catholic High School as Chaplain in August of 2006. Since joining Central Catholic he has inspired students and staff in their ministry and student life. Spirituality through athletics has a home at CCHS thanks to Fr. Brady. Recently Fr. Michael secured the “Play Like a Champion” program from the University of Notre Dame. With his leadership a number of staff members have been trained in this program to become advocates and leaders of its philosophy and objectives in sports at CCHS.

Daniel Menezes: Daniel is a graduate of Central Catholic High School, Class of 2012. Upon graduation from Central Catholic, Daniel joined the National Evangelization Team (NET) and traveled throughout the United States ministering to young people. In 2016 Daniel returned home and joined his old high school as Campus Minister. In his role as Campus Minister he leads the school’s Senior Ministry Team while also leading student retreats and monthly liturgy. He also counsels students in their faith journey. Daniel was one of two staff members who attended the summer 2017 Play Like a Champion Training Session at Notre Dame.

Jessica Jordan: Jessica Jordan joined the Central Catholic High School staff as a member of the FFA/Agriculture Department in 2016. Originally from Hilmar, Jessica attended Texas A & M where she graduated with a degree in Agriculture Science. Prior to attending Texas A & M, Jessica was on the National Evangelization Team (NET) where she too ministered to students throughout the United States. Currently Jessica teaches in the Agriculture Department at Central Catholic High School while also sharing her passion for her faith. She joined Daniel this past summer being trained in “Play Like a Champion” at Notre Dame.

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